Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Arrivals

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A New Look

Dear friends and family of our missionaries,
I realize it has been several months since I have updated, so to catch up and still not be overwhelmed with the task, I will go back and post just the pictures of March , April , and May transfers. A transfer meaning the arrival pictures and departure pictures. . There was no transfer in June. I will not try to write anything about them at this point but at least you will be able to see the cute pictures. I will also catch you up on a few of the activities that stand out in that transfer if there were some. March will be at the bottom of this post and work your way up to the most recent happenings in our mission. I am committed to keeping this updated until we go home in July of 2011. I am sorry if you have been disappointed, I just had to catch my breath.
That said, you will also notice that there are a couple of new features. One is the calendar at the right of the posts, the other are the tabs at the bottom of the large picture. If you click on those it will take you to a page just devoted to that subject. I love hearing from you and I am open to feedback on any information you would like to have. We love your missionaries, and I only wish I could express the feelings in my heart about the experience we are all having as we all work together to serve the Lord with all of our heart might mind and strength.

Teaching English

We had a wonderful experience with some very sweet refugees from Burma. They escaped execution. Our missionaries tracked into one family that spoke some english. We found out that there were about 45 of them. We decided to offer to teach them English and in some way bring the love of the Savior and the spirit to them. We knew we needed to get the members involved so at the recommendation of the stake president we called Sister Ikuo Patton, our stake Relief Society president. She was thrilled and wanted to have them all to her home for dinner so they could feel our love and caring. That was before she learned that there would be 45 of them. We moved the dinner to the church but she insisted on making dinner for them. She and her husband and son who you can see here did all of it. These sweet families were overwhelmed at the kindness and warmth that they received. You can tell that family is a priority with them. Even with the language barrier, there was a feeling of brotherhood that evening. Some of them are coming to church, but it is hard because they don't understand very much english. As they learn more, it will be easier to share the blessings of the Gospel with them. We are grateful that the Lord allowed us this opportunity.

WE Love our Investigators & Members

and Members

Thank You Office Elders

Elders Clifford and Davis do a great job keeping the bikes, cars, and apartments running smoothly. Elder Vincent (not pictured here) does a great job on our referrals
Cleaning out Mission Garage
Are we having fun yet?

Missionary Life

Louisiana in the Spring, with lots of critters

We love our media boards
Sometimes we are happy
Sometimes we're tired
Sometimes we are hungry
We might be tricky
Or even broken
and sometimes down right goofy
But we always have a heart for service

Hearts Knit Together

Different in age, and circumstances, but their hearts are knit together in love by the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
This sweet Sister had lost her husband a week previous to her baptism. He had only been very sick when the missionaries knocked on her door. She said,"I knew you would come." I had been praying for someone to help me.
Sheila and her best Friend( new member). Sheila's friend had just been baptized. She didn't know anyone at church yet. Sheila wanted to be a good friend and go to church with her until she made some new friends. The spirit worked in her heart each week until she wanted to know more. President helped teach her one night during the time she was praying to get her answer about being baptized. After a spirit filled lesson, President committed her to pray about the 21st of March for her baptism. He told Sheila that it was the first day of Spring. She said, "that is my favorite time of year, when everything is fresh and new. President said , "yes, just like you will be when you are baptized. She called him a week later and said that she had gotten her answer and asked him to baptize her. We sang "Whenever I hear the song of a bird," for the opening song at her baptism. Sheila had tears rolling down her cheeks. She said the Spirit bore wittness to her that this truly was "a new beginning"
Elder Duthie, President Woods, Sheila, Elder Smith

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Sisters Meeting

It was really a treat to have every sister in our mission together for our first Sisters Meeting. We used the theme: "What I wished I had known sooner." We had beautiful music presented by our talented sisters, we heard from Sister Pilette, who had returned home a few weeks earlier, and just happened to be in town the day we were meeting and from Sister Boulter who was going home two weeks after our meeting. They both Inspired us with their wisdom and testimonies of the Savior. Sister Pilette taught us the "The Savior doesn't sleep when we suffer." Sister Boulter encouraged us to step out in faith and confidence. She taught us that blessings come with obedience, but miracles happen when we implement with exactness. The highlight was hearing from each of our senior sisters as they shared their personal experiences and lessons learned from trials and living the gospel day by day.
Back Row: Horan, Schulz,Daley, Hill, Charland,Earl,Pilette,Bunker
Front: Javier,Worthen,O'Rillian,Woods,Vance,Martineau,Bruening
Sister Woods--"Don't let your weaknesses define you, magnify your strengths." You've been those a lot longer"
Sisters Jack, & Holmes
Sister Pilette
Sister Boulter
Sister Martineau--"It's not about you" It's about the Savior and those that you serve
Sister Vance--"Mother Knew Best"
Sister O' Rullian--"Life is too short to look at the negative" Attitude is everything"
Sisters Schulz, English, & Hill
Sister Schulz, Riddle, & Charland