Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arrivals for February

We greeted another great group of missionaries yesterday. They had been up since 2:00AM but were anxious to get to work . That's exactly what they did. After a little orientation and dinner they went out with the missionaries. they loved it and we got glowing reports from their fellow missionaries. Thanks families for sending them . They are full of light and testimony. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reflections of Christ

We have had the blessing of having Mark Mabry's exhibit of Reflections of Christ here for a week now. Mark came last Sunday the 8th and held a fireside as a kick off for the event. There have been miracle after miracle in regards to this beautiful exhibit of photographs of he life of the Savior. Let's just start with the attendance at the fireside. there were 567 people there. They  said it was more that they get at stake conference. It was clear back to the stage. 
We have had four people start the lessons from just feeling the spirit and wanting to know what we believed. We have had people be driving by the chapel and feel impressed to turn in and not really know why. One lady was feeling like she needed something more in her life and saw the story in the paper and was impressed that it would help her find it. She has accepted to be taught. A theology teacher from an Episcopal church came to see it and loved it so much that she brought 50 7th and 8th graders back to see it. They loved it and kept thanking our members that were helping with the exhibit for bringing it to Baton Rouge. It has accomplished so much more that we had ever hoped for. It has brought people to Christ and rekindled their love for Him. It has let our community know how much Christ is at the center of our beliefs and our lives. Mark has been so generous with his time and resources, but mostly He has shared his testimony and humble  example of wanting to serve Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bee Keepers

The annual "Bee Keepers Association " dinner was help at our stake center in Baton Rouge . One of their officers is in our ward. He invited our missionaries and president and I to attend . It was a great evening. They loved the missionaries,we made some new friends, and we found a few people that were interested in hearing our message. One lady (not of our faith)had read the Book of Mormon and had a friend (member)  that hadn't been to church for a good while. She said she was going to have to get her back to church . It was a hoot. They were so nice and we learned a little about bee keeping. 

Our visit with Elder & Sister Kikuchi

We spent five faith filled days with Elder Kikuchi and His sweet wife. We all felt like he helped us reach up and pull Heaven a little closer. Elder and Kikuchi is a passionate and faith filled man. He taught our elders that morning personal study was much much more that that. He taught them that they could have their own "sacred grove" experience every morning . He told then it was their chance to have Divine Holy Fellowship with God and Jesus Christ. He taught them that %90 tithing doesn't get then a temple recommend and %90 obedience isn't going to get them miracles either. He helped us with several other tools . But he increased our testimony and faith with his  beautiful example of Charity and telling us  story after story of people that never gave up because they saw with an eye of faith.
He said we will soon see a spiritual tsunami. We are ready. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Zone Conference

January Zone conference was all about planning. You have to create your plan spiritually before you can actualize it. You have to plan with an "Eye of Faith" The assistants also instructed on commitment . They specifically worked and role played the commitment to come to church. Realizing that what we mean when we go to church is much different than what most people thing about going to church. We shared that we have three reasons for going to church: taking the sacrament, to be nourished by the "Good Word of God" , and to serve one another. President Woods asked for spontaneous testimony by several of the missionaries and the spirit flooded in. The power of pure testimony is so real. This zone conference was before Elder Kukuchi's visit.