Thursday, February 18, 2010


In Our December Zone Conference President gave all of the Missionaries a paper
Back Book of Mormon and asked them to underline all of the references to Jesus Christ. He wanted them to underline all of His direct teachings, anyone quoting Him., any time He was being referred to by any of His names. President and I also enjoyed the assignment. It turned out to be a powerful experience for all of us. I personally was so grateful for the experience. It strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon as "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." It deepened my love for Him as I saw so vividly what a "hands on " Savior He is. He was speaking to, admonishing, blessing, endowing with Power, correcting, expressing love for, guiding, and teaching His children constantly. He loves us so much. I already knew that, but it was so vivid as I was underlining on every single page. We asked several of our missionaries to share their experience at the Zone conference in January. Here are a couple of quotes from them

Sister Missionary
I have learned how consistently He blesses those that are obedient and how consistently He is in our lives. I have felt my purpose more deeply –why I am here. I know more than ever before that He is the only Way. I know that He lives, that He came and was resurrected. It wasn’t just then but it is for now and for ever. It fills my whole being


I learned that the Book of Mormon is true in more than one language. WE read Lord, Lamb of God, ......but as we focus on who is really speaking through the prophets -- who is teaching ----It is all our Savior

"It has made me want to be a better Missionary . It has intensified my focus. It has made me a better teacher. I can direct my investigators to The Savior—what he teaches—what he said.

We testify that God lives , that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, That They have appeared once again to man. That the plain and precious truths that Jesus Christ taught and the organization that He established when He was on the earth has been restored in it's perfection to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. We testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God revealed to His prophets, that we have a prophet on the earth today Thomas S. Monson. We testify that the Priesthood Keys have been restored to seal families for eternity, and to Baptize in His name. We invite all to "Come Unto Christ"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Bye to Sister Lor

We have been so blessed to get the Temple Square Sisters on their rotations. Sister Lor is our fourth Sister from Temple Square. Sister Lor will be missed . She truly made a difference here.

Snow in Louisiana

They say "it never snows in Louisiana. " That's funny, it has snowed both winters we have been here. It snowed all morning on Feb 11. As you can see it stayed on the ground for a couple of hours. The flakes were giant and beautiful.

Monday, February 15, 2010


It just doesn't get any easier to let these Great missionaries go. It helps to think about the excited mothers that are making their favorite meal, fixing their rooms and putting picture books together in anticipation of their return. Thank you for sharing Your great sons. We love them.


We have had some wonderful experiences with these Elders. We will miss them. They have served with their might, mind, and strength, and have left a legacy.



We were so blessed to have Elder Spencer J. Condie and his sweet wife come for a mission tour on January 6th. They were with us for three days. We had three wonderful zone conferences where Elder Condie and President answered questions that the elders had submitted during the previous zone conference. In preparation for the Zone Conference they had been marking their Book of Mormons and were spiritually prepared to do some "Learning By Faith." Elder Condie taught them about teaching skills. He taught them how to aproach the Doctrine of the Godhead with these good people of the South. He taught us How to bring the spirit in our teaching. Sister Condie is a scriptorian and taught us about obedience from the scriptures. Elder Condie understands the human heart and is so full of love. He bore his testimony through music with a very expressive arrangement of "Oh How Lovely Was the Morning" He has a great sense of humor and lightened our hearts with laughter. We all felt more confident and infused with the spirit. We love you Elder and Sister Condie.



Our December Zone conference focused on the Bold Declaration and proclamation of the Angels at the Birth of the Savior. President took that focus and taught how we need to Proclaim and Declare the Restoration with Boldness. The Angels didn't Say " Hi Shephards, we would like to share a message about Jesus Christ," They declared, "Behold we bring you good tidings of great joy, for unto to us is born this day a Savior which is Christ the Lord." President taught that we need to declare that there is a prophet on the earth today, that we have the Book of Mormon, that Priesthood keys have been restored to seal families for eternity. He focused on the Book of Mormon and how it is the Key Stone of our religion. He gave each missionary a paper back copy of the Book of Mormon and asked them to underline every reference to the Savior, his teachings and His direct words. I taught them the process and value of their weekly planning, and goal setting. Elder Pickup taught them about the three type of Questions. Questions to access their needs, Questions of understanding in teaching, and questions that help them learn by faith and process what they really think and what they must DO to come unto Christ. Elder Nnah taught what it means to magnify your calling and the realationship between that and sanctification. We lightened things up a bit with a white elephant game at lunch. We had a white Christmas slide show and testimonies to finish up the afternoon.