Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reflections of Christ Concert

To close the "Reflections of Christ" exhibit in Baton Rouge and open it in Alexandria the next night we had an amazing concert with Alex Boye of the Tabernacle Choir, Freddie Ashby, and Clyde Bawden. They  are the musicians that sang , composed, and arranged all of the music for the exhibit. It was a powerful experience none of us will forget. The music is so moving, but what really makes it a powerful tool is the love and light that comes from the testimonies of these good men. We had 400 people in attendance. In Baton Rouge, the missionaries had their own mini concert after in the chapel. They got to sing Called to Serve with Clyde Bawden at the piano and conducted by Freddie. They also got to hear more about Alex Boye's conversion which is another testimony of the power of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. He told how he was literally kicked out of his house at the age of 16 for joining the church in England. He had nothing but his scriptures. He said they were his mom, his dad, and his pillow. The next night we went to Alexandria where the exhibit was hosted in a First United Methodist Church. That was a miracle in itself. They allowed our missionaries in their church with their tags on. They let us put two huge banners out in front of their church . They helped with refreshments and had their church open every night from 6-9 pm for the exhibit. We had to hold the concert at the stake center instead of their church because of a rehearsal dinner for a wedding . Several of the methodist ladies couldn't attend the concert because they were helping with the exhibit. Alex, Fredie, and Clyde went over to the methodist church at 9:00pm to give them their own concert. I thought as I watched three priesthood holders, on a methodist stage, singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives, that it was a complete miracle. That doesn't happen in the South. Those people , with tears rolling down their cheeks thanked us over and over again for coming and sharing the music with them. On WEdnesday the following week The Reverend Ricky Willis allowed Mark, who flew back in for a meet the artist night , give two one hour talks to his congregation about the experience he had as he shot these photos. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN EITHER!! By the time the week was over in Alexandria there were 1,200 people that went through the exhibit and 700 of them were not of our faith. We had a private showing for the head bishop of the island of Grenada, who said,"this young man is not only gifted, he was divinely inspired. By the time the week was over, we had created some dear friendships with these good people and they, with tears in their eyes , thanked us for bringing "this holy experience to their church".

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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for my dear friend sister Ruth Gabriela Cordon. She served in this mission from 2001-2003 and was my mtc companion. I looked in your mission website and didn't find her. I'm sure she's married now and has a different last name, but if you could help me in locating her, it would be wonderful!
    My email address is claudialtaylor@yahoo.com, she would know me as Claudia Rojas.
    Thank you so much in advance.